Thursday, May 29, 2008

Stephanie Meyer - The Host

For those who enjoyed previous posts about Stehanie Meyers's Twilight, you'll be pleased to know she's got a new book out for adults called The Host. You can see Stephanie talking about the new launch on the US Borders website here. It's out from 6th May in hardback and available in all the usual places, with a rather intriguing synopsis on the Borders page: "An invading species threatens to control the human race by taking over the minds of the human bodies they inhabit. Melanie staves off Wanderer, the invader of her mind, through conscious resistance and thoughts of the man she loves. A fantastic read, The Host may be the first story ever to feature a love triangle involving only two bodies."

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

CNN interview - Iain M Banks

There's a pretty cool two-parter interview up on CNN for fans of Mr Banks. Here he talks to CNN's Linnie Rawlinson about being inspired by Sci Fi in his youth and the appeal of the SFF genre.

The video interview is here.

And is transcribed here for those with bands that are less-broad.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Ahhh, smug mode"

As Kryton once said. Of course, if you're not a Red Dwarf fan then you won't know what that means and so you should probably leave, go buy a dvd box set, and come back when you've caught up... in about 3 months' time.

Good to see that the Gnu got in ahead of the Times Online in flagging up the new JK Rowling (apparently). Something tells me there are going to be a lot of them...

Monday, May 12, 2008

New SciFi site from NBC Universal

For addicts of the SciFi Channel, there is a new site launched this week which is promising all sorts of downloads, exclusive interview content, competitions and whatnot to satisfy you in the few spare minutes when you're not glued to.. the SciFi Channel.

Looks alot like every other TV channel site to me but hey, its SciFi goodness so we thank them for that. Oh yes.

I'll let you know if anything remotely exciting occurs once I join the "community".

Stay tuned....

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blog of the week

Ok, we don't really have a blog of the week - they're all great aren't they - but the Gnu just stumbled across the Toasted Scimitar blog whilst he should have been doing something far more constructive and found what is possibly the most comprehensive review ever of the entire Redwall series by Brian Jacques.

The Gnu was immediately transported to the days of yore where, as a baby Gnu, long before the smoking began, he indulged in the intrigues and traumas of Mattimo and Martin the Warrior. Darn that evil foxy gentleman.

Needless to say, it's a great and highly entertaining review. Now all we have to do is overcome the renewed desire to re-read the whole darn lot of them when I've got far too much to do (ie other books to read that I haven't read) and although I know that they'll never be as good when read with the cynicism of age... the Toasted one has got me tripping down memory lane to the local bookshop once again...

Robin Hobb - graphic novel a la francaise

Following on from yesterday's Robin Hobb post the Gnu has been drooling over Laurent Sieurac's upcoming graphic novel adaptation which was up on Pat's Fantasy Hotlist a few days ago. Some examples of other graphic work in the genre can be seen at the rivages maudits website - Gnu's speak french, it's one of their special powers.. but if you are not so lucky then just have a poke around and see what you can find - its a great site.

There's an interview with Laurent to be found
here. When I have some free time I'll have a go at a Gnu-level translation for interested parties. And his other mighty works can be purchased on

Robin's views on the whole business can be found

This interview was proposedby
EdiFanoB who's blog I can't find to link to but here's the Gnu-shaped kudos for ya any way.

The new Harry Potter... allegedly..

This film, and the series of books by Stephanie Meyer which spawned it is set to be the next over-hyped teen fantasy obsessesion suggests Wired Magazine today. Revolving doors anyone?

According to Wired, the franchise already boasts a considerable fanbase who "dress up as Twilight characters and turn out in droves for book signings, start Twilight-themed rock bands and even celebrate lead character Isabella Swan's birthday"

Here's the new trailer. I can hear distant sound of parents' bank accounts being drained across the world...

Twilight in HD